Vap experience - Gorilla ICE

Strain: Gorilla Glue.
Genetics: Sour Dubb x Chem Sister x Chocolate Diesel.
Sativa / Indica / hybride: Hybride..
Kind: Hashish.
Coffeeshop: Bluebird.
Way of smoking: De Verdamper.
Report writer: Vaporizing Cat.

The Looks, 8.0/10.

Very Soft and oil very nice but not to sticky.
The oil keep sticking at the paper.
Light to medium brown.

The Smell,  8.5/10.
Sweet chocolate that with a bit sour and there is some pine mix in with a earth & musk smell.

The Taste, 8.9/10.
Very smooth love the earth & mush taste big time.
Some sour and chocolate is there to.
A nice after taste of pine and earth.

The Feeling, 8.8/10.
Very strong and hitting hard in the head.
It start floating and when time past by more relaxing.
It help with stress and mute my depression a bit very nice.
Its strong and with a 0.5g i get a nice euphoria kick.

Summary of the flavors,
Acid[] Ammonia[] Banana[] Berry[] Blueberry[] Butter[] Bubblegum[] Cedar[] Cheese[]
Cherry[] Chocolate[8] Citrus[] Coconut[] Coffee[] Diesel[] Drop[] Earth[7] Floral / Flora[]
Fruit[] Fuel[] Grape[] Grass[] Grapefruit[] Hash[] Hay[] Haze[] Herbs[] Lemon[]
Licorice[] Lime[] Mango[] Maroon[] Melon[] Menthol[] Mint[] Mold[] Musk[6]
Nutmeg[] Nuts[] Orange[] Paint[] Pepper[] Peach[] Petroleum[] Pineapple[] Pine[8]
Strawberry[] Sandalwood[] Tangerine[] Skunk[] Spar[] Sour[8] Sweet[5] Turpentine[] Toffee[] Vanilla[] Yeast[]

Summary of the effect,
Anxiety relief[8] Audio perception[6] Communication[7] Consider process[8]
Appetite[5] Humor experience[6] Ability to rest or sit[4]
Paranoia relief[8] Pain relief[5] Sex drive[8] Sleep[4] Taste perception[7]
Imagination / creativity[5] Visual observation[6]