Vap experience - G13 Mr. Nice

Strain: G13 Mr. Nice.
Genetics: G13 Mr. Nice x Hash Plant.
Breeder: Mr Nice Seedbank.
Sativa / Indica / hybride: Mostly Indica.
Kind: Flower.
Coffeeshop: Het Ballonnetje.
Way of smoking: Newvape 640..
Report writer: Mr. Black Cat.

The Looks, 7.8/10.

Light green with nice orange pistils.
Medium Dense.

The Smell,  8.5/10.
Like a silver haze but then way sweeter and way more fruitier.
Sour and sweet with some Flora and some hints of Lime
In the background there some Turpentine to.

The Taste,  8.1/10.
So sweet with that nice flora and lime.
After taste is light sour with some Turpentine.
Very nice taste.

The Feeling, 9.0/10.
Stoned but not hammer down.
Still can focus and do thinks but all goes slower and chiller not a strain if you in a hurry.
Its a happy body stoned that kill the pain and ease the brain big time.

Summary of the flavors,
Acid[] Ammonia[] Banana[] Berry[] Blueberry[] Butter[] Bubblegum[] Cedar[] Cheese[]
Cherry[] Chocolate[] Citrus[] Coconut[] Coffee[] Diesel[] Drop[] Earth[] Floral / Flora[6]
Fruit[8] Fuel[] Grape[] Grass[] Grapefruit[] Hash[] Hay[] Haze[] Herbs[] Lemon[]
Licorice[] Lime[6] Mango[] Maroon[] Melon[] Menthol[] Mint[] Mold[] Musk[]
Nutmeg[] Nuts[] Orange[] Paint[] Pepper[] Peach[] Petroleum[] Pineapple[] Pine[]
Strawberry[] Sandalwood[] Tangerine[] Skunk[] Spar[] Sour[3] Sweet[8] Turpentine[5] Toffee[] Vanilla[] Yeast[]

Summary of the effect,
Anxiety relief[8] Audio perception[6] Communication[6] Consider process[6]
Appetite[7] Humor experience[8] Ability to rest or sit[5]
Paranoia relief[7] Pain relief[7] Sex drive[5] Sleep[5] Taste perception[8]
Imagination / creativity[5] Visual observation[6]